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AI powered quantitative diligence – for the world’s leading VC firms, PE firms, Sovereigns, CVCs and Executives.

Termina’s Scans have been leveraged by 1,000+ executives and investors globally.

Rapid health checks for companies.

Termina’s Scans are the fastest way to gain deep visibility into a company’s vitals. Scan any company, from startups with as little as 6-months of traction, to the world’s largest conglomerates with billions in revenue.

For critical situations when standard diligence falls short.

Reveal existential problems and opportunities for growth by extracting insights from the billions of transactions locked within company ledgers.

Custom queries.

Transform the toughest, most-challenging queries into actionable insights in record time. Choose from a growing catalog of turn-key queries, or explore custom solutions.

Unlock benchmarks.
Reveal outliers.

Firms with exceptional access to companies leverage Termina to capture private and proprietary benchmarks at scale.

Secure. Private.

At Termina, we are committed to helping the world’s leading firms protect their privacy and edge.